Monday, September 17, 2012

Trans-Mississippi Units at Antietam

Today marks the Sesquicentennial of the battle of Antietam, a battle at which trans-Mississippi Confederates in particular played an important role. Below is a list of trans-Mississippi units at Antietam along with casualty totals that are taken from volume 19, pt. 1 of the Official Records or Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr., Guide To Louisiana Confederate Military Units, 1861-1865, (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 1989).

1st Minnesota Infantry: 15 killed, 60 wounded, 15 captured or missing=90

3rd Arkansas Infantry (Walker’s brigade): 27 killed, 155 wounded=182

Donaldsonville (Louisiana) Artillery—Captain Victor Maurin: no casualties (Bergeron, 29)

Louisiana Guard Artillery—Captain Louis D’Aquin: 1 killed, 8 wounded=9 (Bergeron, 34)

Madison (Louisiana) Artillery—Captain George V. Moody: actively engaged but complete casualties unknown

Washington (Louisiana) Artillery Battalion: 4 killed, 26 wounded=30

1st Louisiana Infantry (Starke's brigade): 14 killed, 49 wounded=63

2nd Louisiana Infantry (Starke's brigade): 10 killed, 49 wounded=59

5th Louisiana Infantry (Hays' brigade): 10 killed, 40 wounded=50

6th Louisiana Infantry (Hays' brigade): 18 killed, 29 wounded=47

7th Louisiana Infantry (Hays' brigade): 6 killed, 63 wounded=69

8th Louisiana Infantry (Hays' brigade): 7 killed, 84 wounded=91

9th Louisiana Infantry (Starke's brigade): 25 killed, 57 wounded=82

10th Louisiana Infantry (Starke's brigade): 17 killed, 34 wounded=51

14th Louisiana Infantry (Hays' brigade): total of 53 casualties (Bergeron, 108)

15th Louisiana Infantry (Starke's brigade): 4 killed, 15 wounded=19

Coppen’s Louisiana Battalion (Starke's brigade): casualties unknown

1st Texas Infantry (Hood's brigade): 45 killed, 141 wounded=186 (represents a percentage loss of 82.3% according to Ralph A. Wooster, Lone Star Regiments in Gray, Austin: Eakin Press, 2002, p. 23; the other two Texas regiments also suffered a high percentage of casualties)

4th Texas Infantry (Hood's brigade): 10 killed, 97 wounded=107 

5th Texas Infantry (Hood's brigade): 5 killed, 77 wounded-82

Total for Confederate trans-Mississippi units: 203 killed, 977 wounded [included all 14th Louisiana Infantry casualties in wounded category]

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