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"How they use cavalry regiments in the department of the Gulf"

Quite a few soldiers from the northeast served in the Department of the Gulf, and among them was the 18th New York Cavalry. The following is a transcription of a newspaper article from the New York Military Museum and Veterans Research Center’s website. Unfortunately, the website did not include bibliographic information for the article, but it is an interesting look at one regiment’s unfortunate experiences during the Red River campaign.
“From the 18th N. Y. Cavalry.
A few facts in relation to the 18th, in which Jefferson county is represented by a battalion, may not be uninteresting to your readers. Companies B, C, D, G, H, J and K left here with Gen. Banks' Army for the Red River. They participated in all the battles of the campaign under the command of Col. Byrne, behaving with commendable courage in every instance. Co. B was commanded by Capt. Haratzcha; Co. C by Capt. Van Slyck; Co. D by Capt. Bacon; Co. G by Capt. Anthes; Co. H by Capt. Smith; Co. I by Capt. Pomer, and Co. K by Capt. Davis.
Capt. Van Slyck resigned March 29th, together with Lieuts. Keats and White. Capt. Palmer was severely wounded at the battle of Compta, and has gone to New York on sixty-days leave of absence, and Capt. Bacon was wounded at the battle of Sabine Cross Roads and taken prisoner.
On the 16th ult., the first squadron, commanded by Capt Haratzpha, and composed of Cos. B & I, the whole under the direction of Lieut. Col. Stryker, were caught in a trap and captured entire, including Lieut. Col. Stryker, Capt Haratzpha, and Lieuts. Paine and Glass.
Co. A, Capt. Phelan, and Co. F, Capt. Wilsey, were sent from here to Pas Carallo, Texas, where they yet remain. 
Cos. E, Capt. Lowe, L, Capt. Simpson, M, Capt. Haile, remained here in the city, under the command of Major Pitcher.
Lieut. Keenan is in the hospital sick of typhoid fever, and Lieut. Hall's health is far from good. Dr. Rockerell, Surgeon of the regiment, is in the hospital sick. Asst. Surgeon Gaile is also in the hospital sick.
Lieuts. Mistelle, McMahon and Morton, have gone North on leave of absence, sick. Major Pitcher is Assistant Provost Marshal in this city. Hs has as assistants in his office, Lieuts. Bates, 11th N. Y. Cavalry, and Yates and Gaige of our regiment, the latter officer having just returned from the front, where he has been on duty with the regiment.
Lieut. Seeley, Co. I, has resigned, and gone North.
Major Tracy is in the city sick. He is on the staff of Gen. Arnold, commanding the cavalry. Lieut. Willard is Aide-decamp on the staff of Col. Gooding, commanding 5th Cavalry Brigade. Col. Byrne Major Byrne, Quartermaster Rogers, Capts. Drought, Smith, Anthes and Davis, were well and safe at last accounts. Lieut. Rockwell is acting as Post Quartermaster in this city. 
The above shows you how they use cavalry regiments in the department of the Gulf.
Yours, &c., Z.” (

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