Saturday, September 29, 2012


The American Battlefield Protection Program of the National Park Service has awarded $1.3 million for its 2012 grants to endangered battlefields. Among the grant recipients are three organizations that seek to preserve trans-Mississippi battle sites. The following is taken from the ABPP’s website:
“Friends of Jenkins Ferry Battlefield
The Battle of Jenkins Ferry, April 30, 1864, was a rear guard action fought at the end of the Camden Expedition during the Civil War. Federal forces succeeded in repelling repeated Confederate attacks and escaping across the Saline River to Little Rock, Arkansas with their supplies intact. This project will assess and prioritize preservation objectives for the battlefield. With only a small portion of the Jenkins Ferry battlefield currently preserved, assessing and prioritizing the entire battle landscape will provide a blueprint to aid in establishing and pursuing preservation objectives.

Missouri's Civil War Heritage Foundation, Inc.
Missouri was a border state during the Civil War and both sides recruited heavily from the state's population. One such recruitment mission, led by Confederate Colonel Joseph Porter, was disrupted by the battles of Kirksville, Florida, and Moore's Mill. This project will undertake an archeological survey to find and delineate the battlefield of Moore's Mill, the only one of the three believed to still be intact. The results will then be used to prepare a battlefield preservation plan and a National Register nomination.

North Dakota State University
North Dakota
The frontier post of Fort Abercrombie was besieged for approximately six weeks as part of the 1862 Sioux War. At the time Fort Abercrombie wasn't designed for defense and had no stockade, so the garrison had to defend individual buildings. Although the boundaries of the fort itself are known, this project will delineate the battlefield boundaries surrounding the fort through an archeological survey. The findings will be used to amend the fort's National Register nomination.”

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