Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trans-Mississippi Monuments at Shiloh

Last month, I enjoyed a splendid outing to Shiloh National Military Park. Trans-Mississippi soldiers made a significant contribution during the battle as I mentioned in an earlier posting. Here is a pictorial overview of monuments honoring trans-Mississippi units at Shiloh.
Arkansas: [10 infantry units and 4 batteries were present at Shiloh]

Louisiana: [11 infantry units and 2 batteries] The state of Louisiana never erected a monument in honor of its soldiers at Shiloh, however, Yves R. Lemonnier, a private soldier in the Crescent Regiment sponsored the following monument in honor of his own unit.

The reverse of the Crescent Monument:

Texas: [2 infantry units, 1 cavalry unit]

Iowa: [11 infantry units]
The State of Iowa sponsored a massive monument in honor of its troops at Shiloh:

On this State monument, a figure representing Fame pens the deeds of Iowans at Shiloh:

Iowa also funded individual monuments for each of the eleven infantry units. The state seal appears on each of these monuments:

Minnesota: [1 artillery battery]

Nebraska: [1 infantry unit] The State of Nebraska did not fund a monument for the 1st Nebraska Infantry.
Missouri: [Union: 7 infantry units and 5 batteries; Confederate: 1 infantry unit] Missouri is unique in having both Union and Confederate units at Shiloh; fittingly this monument recognizes the contributions of Missouri units from both sides. Interestingly, a group of Missouri Boy Scouts raised the money, selected the design, and dedicated the monument!

And, the reverse of the Missouri monument:

The information about individual monuments is from Stacy W. Reaves, A History & Guide To The Monuments of Shiloh National Park, (Charleston, SC: History Press), 2012.

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