Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Recent Journal Articles of Interest

The “press of business” has kept me from my blog, but hopefully I’m back now to a regular posting schedule.

Last week, I received the latest issue of my favorite scholarly journal: The Journal of Southern History. If you’re not familiar with it, JSH is the scholarly publication of the Southern Historical Association. The May issue contains “Southern History in Periodicals, 2010: A Selected Bibliography.” Since I am a geeky history professor I enjoy reading through the list of articles and while perusing I noticed several items that relate to the trans-Mississippi. For those who might be interested the articles are:

Bartek, James M. “’The More of Them Are Killed the Better’”: Racial Identity and Noncombatant Immunity in Civil War New Mexico.” New Mexico Historical Review, v. 85, no. 4, pp. 323-348.

Bremer, Jeff. "Mothers of Commerce: Antebellum Missouri Women and the Family Farm." Missouri Historical Review. v. 104, July, pp. 187-197.

Christ, Mark K. “’We Were Badly Whiped’”: A Confederate Account of the Battle of Helena, July 4, 1863. Arkansas Historical Quarterly, v. 69, Spring, 44-53.

Ely, Glen Sample. “What to Do About Texas? Texas and the Department of New Mexico in the Civil War.” New Mexico Historical Review, v. 85, no. 4, pp. 375-408.

Grear, Charles D. “The Impact of Local Attachments: Why Texans Fought in New Mexico During the Civil War. New Mexico Historical Review, v. 85, no. 4, pp. 409-429.

Lang, Andrew F. “The Bass Greys: An Economic, Social, and Demographic Profile of Company D, Seventh Texas Infantry.” East Texas Historical Journal, v. 48, Winter, 72-94.

Robertson, Brian K. “Men Who Would Die by the Stars and Stripes: A Socioeconomic Examination of the 2nd Arkansas Cavalry (US).” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, v. 69, Summer, 117-139.

Smith, Michael Thomas. “’For the Love of Cotton’: Nathaniel P. Banks, Union Strategy, and the Red River Campaign.” Louisiana History. V. 51, Winter, pp. 5-26.

Townsend, Mary B. “The Third Iowa Cavalry in Sterling Price’s 1864 Missouri Raid.” Missouri Historical Review. v. 105, Oct., pp. 48-53.

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