Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's Time to Travel!

Each Sunday in The Tulsa World I receive an insert titled USA Weekend; the May 20-22 issue contained a “Summer Family Travel Guide” to Civil War sites written by Ken Burns. Unfortunately, his list of suggested Civil War battlefields to visit was incomplete because he did not include any trans-Mississippi sites. Sadly, many Americans do not realize that there are many Civil War sites west of the Mississippi. I did a bit of searching and found some websites that will help you plan driving tours to Civil War sites west of the Mississippi. Some of the ones are state specific, but I’ve also included two that offer information on sites across the nation.

Arkansas Heritage Trails: maps of several driving tours such as ones for the Little Rock Campaign, the Camden Expedition, the Price Raid route and others are available

The Civil War In Missouri: Gray Ghosts Trail tour map is on this site

Texas Historical Commission: you can download a brochure about Texas in the Civil War; includes a map of Civil War related sites

Civil War Discovery Trail: This site has a nationwide focus with much information about interesting places to visit.

Civil War Traveler: This website is excellent and has much helpful information and links to Civil War sites across the nation.

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