Saturday, May 10, 2014

Recent Trans-Mississippi Scholarship

Each year The Journal of Southern History publishes “Southern History in Periodicals: A Selected Bibliography”. After perusing the list, I pulled out citations for the following articles published in 2012 and 2013 that pertain to the trans-Mississippi:

Christ, Mark K. “’The Awful Scenes That Met My Eyes’: Union and Confederate Accounts of the Battle of St. Charles, June 17, 1862.” Arkansas Historical Quarterly, vol. 71, Winter 2012, pp. 407-423.

Cutrer, Thomas W. “’Fighting Indians from California to the Staked Plains’: Sergeant Edward E. Ayer and the 1st California Volunteer Cavalry, 1861-1864.” Military History of the West, vol. 42, 2012, pp. 1-29.

Fortney, Jeff. “Lest We Remember: Civil War Memory and Commemoration among the Five Tribes.” American Indian Quarterly, vol. 36 (Fall 2012), pp. 525-544.

Goldman, Henry H. “Sympathy for the Confederate Cause in Southern California, 1860-1865.” Journal of the West, vol. 51, Winter 2012, pp. 12-19.

Grav, Hans-Petter. “When the Beast Saved the Day and Yellow Jack Got Lost: The Story of General Butler and the Yellow Fever Epidemic That Never Took Place.” Southern Historian, vol. 33, Spring 2012, pp. 37-51.

Hahn, Steven. “Slave Emancipation, Indian Peoples, and the Projects of a New American Nation-State.” Journal of the Civil War Era, vol. 3, September 2013, pp. 307-330.

Hulbert, Matthew C. “How To Remember ‘This Damnable Guerrilla Warfare’: Four Vignettes from Civil War Missouri. Civil War History, vol. 59, June 2013, pp. 143-168.

McCaslin, Richard B. “Rip Ford: Confederate or Texan?” Military History of the West, vol. 42, 2012, pp. 30-39.

Mendoza, Alexander. “The Vision of Littlefield Preserved: Memorializing the Confederacy at the University of Texas.” Journal of the West, vol. 51, Spring 2012, pp. 49-59.

Nichols, James David. “The Line of Liberty: Runaway Slaves and Fugitive Peons in the Texas-Mexico Borderlands.” Western Historical Quarterly, vol. 44, Winter 2013, pp. 413-436.

Phillips, Christopher. “Lincoln’s Grasp of War: Hard War and the Politics of Neutrality and Slavery in the Western Border States, 1861-1862.” Journal of the Civil War Era, vol. 3, June 2013, pp. 184-210.

Safford, Jeffrey J. “Three Brothers in Arms: The Philbrooks and the Civil War in the West.” New Mexico Historical Review, vol. 88, Summer 2013, pp. 321-340.

Schulten, Susan. “The Civil War and the Origins of the Colorado Territory.” Western Historical Quarterly, vol. 44, Spring 2013, pp. 21-46.

Smith, Troy. “Nations Colliding: The Civil War Comes to Indian Territory.” Civil War History, vol. 59, September 2013, pp. 279-319.

Stack, Joan. “Toward an Emancipationist Interpretation of George Caleb Bingham’s General Order No. 11: The Reception History of the Painting and the Remembered Civil War in Missouri.” Missouri Historical Review, vol. 107, July 2013, pp. 203-221.

Walker, Thomas. “Fought With the Desperation of Tigers: Texas Press Opinion on Black Union Troops.” Journal of the West, vol. 51, Spring 2012, pp. 16-28.

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