Sunday, December 22, 2013

Confederate Calendar

Last week I did some shopping at Gardner’s used bookstore in Tulsa and was surprised to find two Confederate Calendars for sale—one from 1987 and the other from 1993. They were only $1.00 each so I purchased them to add to my modest collection of the Confederate Calendar. Lawrence T. Jones III published these calendars for many years, and I looked forward to receiving the latest edition for Christmas each year. Regrettably, I discarded at some point some of my older calendars.

Featuring wartime era photographs of Confederate soldiers, along with background information about the soldier (if available) and data about the uniforms and equipment, these were excellent reference sources. Jones resided in Austin, Texas, and he reproduced photographs from his own collection as well as photographs owned by other collectors. Although his calendars featured Confederate soldiers from across the South, there always seemed to be a special emphasis on trans-Mississippians.

Although the calendar is no longer published, the Lawrence T. Jones Texas Photographs collection can be viewed online. Owned by Southern Methodist University’s DeGolyer Library, the approximately 4,200 photographs have been digitized. During this Christmas week, treat yourself to viewing some of these fine photographs!

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