Friday, December 6, 2013

A Preservation Opportunity: Carthage, Missouri

It is cold and snowy in my Oklahoma town today, but I was cheered by the latest Civil War Trust preservation opportunity. Somehow, the organization has cobbled together a $30.53 to $1.00 match to preserve (hopefully) 1,573 acres on eight battlefields. Two-hundred acres of the Carthage, Missouri, skirmish on July 5, 1861, are included in this preservation deal. The Civil War Trust’s website has maps of each of the targeted properties and further details about each battle. If I did the math correctly, my $50.00 donation will be leveraged into $1,526.50!


  1. Carthage was a fascinating little battle. We published David Hinze's outstanding tactical history of the fight many years ago. (I am so sorry he passed away so suddenly, and so young. He was a big believer and warrior for preservation and Civil War history.)

    The CWT continues to do outstanding work.

  2. Yes, I greatly enjoyed reading David Hinze's book about Carthage and certainly recommend it. I had no idea that he had passed away--a great loss indeed.