Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Soldiers from East Texas

I had planned to devote a short series to a discussion of the presentations given at the Beyond Campaigns and Commanders symposium sponsored by the Civil War Round Table of the Ozarks. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the symposium due to an ill-timed sickness. For several weeks I had looked forward to hearing the presentations and examining the books at the vendor tables. Instead, I spent the weekend reading and watching movies. And because I have no symposium news, I'll devote some attention to an older research project of mine.

My dissertation was a study of the 28th Texas Cavalry. Fortunately, I enjoyed researching the history of these east Texas soldiers; wouldn’t it be dreary to spend years researching a boring topic? After I graduated from the University of North Texas with my Ph.D., I revised the dissertation and it was published as Peculiar Honor: A History of the 28th Texas Cavalry, 1862-1865 by the University of Arkansas Press. (By the way, I noticed on that they misspelled "cavalry" as "calvary"--annoying). Below is a map from the book that was drawn by Richard J. Thompson, Jr. and Donald S. Frazier showing the counties of origin for the 28th Texas Cavalry.


  1. I have your book on the 28th and it is a good one.

    You missed a wonderful seminar. The presentations were first rate. I am a "battles and leaders" type, but still enjoyed the event immensely.

  2. My disappointment level was high when I realized that I just could not go to the event. I'm pleased to receive a report about the seminar. That's wonderful that the seminar went well and that the presentations were great! Did any of the presenters distribute copies of their talk or provide supplementary materials? Thanks for your kind words about my history of the 28th Texas.

  3. No copies of talks or supplemental materials. All of the speakers used power point in their presentations. The book dealers were fewer this year; some notable absentees, such as Two Trails.