Sunday, May 10, 2015

My Biggest Supporter

Yes, it’s been many weeks since I last posted. Interestingly, a record number of people visited my blog last month in spite of the small number of postings. Does this mean readership will be higher if I post less? I won’t spend any more time pondering that.

Mother’s Day is a fitting time to begin posting again because my biggest supporter was my mom. Yes, was, because she passed away on April 10th after a short sickness. She was 89 years old and lived life to the fullest right up until the last few weeks when illness stole her mobility and strength but fortunately not her mind.

Mom would have disliked me writing anything sentimental about her so I’ll keep my tribute brief. She had no interest in the Civil War and didn’t mind confessing that. My parents (both working in medical fields) thought it a bit odd that they produced a daughter with an intense interest in the Civil War, and yet they were supportive of my peculiar obsession. Mom ended up being my most faithful companion on visits to Civil War battlefields. Why? She liked road trips, and we were congenial travelers. I appreciated her company and liked how she was more than willing to travel to out of the way places and explore country roads. Mom was a good sport about doing the driving tours at battlefields but had no interest in doing the walking trails in spite of her concern about me walking alone. For some reason, the trail on Bloody Hill at the Wilson’s Creek battlefield worried her the most. 

She entertained herself at battlefields by staying in the car and reading. Louis L’Amour books were her favorites on these excursions. Shalako was reread seven times and rated a “very good” in her battered copy.

In spite of her limited Civil War knowledge, she was interested in all of my research projects with her favorite being my most recent. She never wearied of hearing about Albert Ellithorpe, and she occasionally said, “I like that Albert.” For that reason, as well as her tremendous support over the years, the book will be dedicated to her memory. I loved my mom and will certainly miss her support, love, and companionship. Thanks for everything, Mom!