Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Finally: A Completed Manuscript

The last five weeks have been hectic and stressful leaving little time for blogging. A close relative has experienced serious health problems with the bulk of that responsibility falling on me. In better news, my manuscript A Constant School of Excitement: Albert C. Ellithorpe and the Civil War on the Frontier is at a publisher and being considered for publication. Ellithorpe, as I’ve mentioned in previous postings, served as an officer in the First Indian Home Guards, a tri-racial regiment that served exclusively in Arkansas, the Indian Territory, and Missouri. Major Ellithorpe led an adventurous life, and his colorful personality is evident in his journal, his twenty-three Chicago Evening Journal articles, and various other documents. It’s been a fun project, but I was happy to send the 297-page manuscript on to a potential publisher.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read. Good luck.
    Will Hickox

  2. Ellithorpe was an intelligent observer as well as a rather opinionated one. The project was great fun, and I think that readers will enjoy his writings.

  3. Here's hoping you find a publisher - because I'm hoping to be a buyer!

  4. Health crap is the worst! Good for you soldiering on. Now treat yourself to something - you deserve it.

    1. Things seem to be calming down now, and I think you're right---I need to treat myself!

  5. Best wishes on the book! I know what it's like to have an obsession and finally produce an end product! Congratulations!

  6. Thanks! It is a good feeling to send away a manuscript for consideration. On the other hand, it's kind of bittersweet because it was such a fun project to work on.