Saturday, January 18, 2014

Union Trans-Mississippi Units at Chickamauga

It’s possible to learn a lot of interesting facts from studying an Order of Battle along with casualty reports. Did you know that the 8th Kansas Infantry and the 2nd Minnesota Infantry were among the regiments that suffered some of the highest casualty rates among Union troops at the battle of Chickamauga? The following list of Union trans-Mississippi units that served at the battle of Chickamauga is taken from the Official Records:

8th Kansas Infantry (20th Army Corps, Heg’s Brigade: 30 KIA, 165 WIA, 25 captured or missing)

2nd Minnesota Battery (20th Army Corps, 1st Division: 2 WIA)
2nd Minnesota Infantry (14th Army Corps, Van Derveer’s Brigade: 35 KIA, 113 WIA, 14 captured or missing)

1st Missouri Light Artillery, Battery G (20th Army Corps, Laiboldt’s Brigade: 4 WIA)
2nd Missouri Infantry (20th Army Corps, Laiboldt’s Brigade: 7 KIA, 56 WIA, 29 captured or missing)
15th Missouri Infantry (20th Army Corps, Laiboldt’s Brigade: 11 KIA, 67 WIA, 22 captured or missing)

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