Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pryor, Oklahoma: My Gateway to Border War Sites

Recently, I was visiting with a new acquaintance that told me about the various Civil War sites within a day’s drive of their town in an Eastern state. Rather than being struck with envy, I told them about all the Civil War era sites within day trip range of Pryor, Oklahoma, the town that I live in. They were impressed and surprised; actually, so was I because I had never catalogued all the Border War sites within easy day trip range of my home. When I moved to Pryor, Oklahoma, a number of years ago, I had no idea what a great location it is in regard to Civil War places.

Below is a list of places relating to the Civil War era within day trip range of my home. The qualifications that I set for inclusion in the list were 1) the site had to have a strong connection to the Civil War era, 2) the location had to be either a national or a state park, 3) the site had to be within manageable day trip range. Actually, all of the places listed, except for the Mine Creek Battlefield and Marais des Cygnes, are no more than 2 ½ hours away from Pryor one way. The Mine Creek Battlefield is almost beyond my limits for a day trip, but since I did actually visit it and Fort Scott in one day, I have included it.





The ones that I have listed are the places that I have actually visited. Here are three sites that I’m looking forward to visiting:



Twelve Civil War era sites within a day trip of my home—pretty respectable I think!

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