Saturday, May 11, 2013

Would You Like to Earn a Degree in Military History?

Final examination week is over at my school, Rogers State University! I don’t often deviate from the main topic of this blog, but work has been so much on my mind that I decided to feature my own employer for today. 

Rogers State University is one of the few institutions in the country that offers a bachelor’s degree in military history. Partly, this degree hearkens back to the days of the Oklahoma Military Academy, one of our predecessor schools, that operated in Claremore from 1919-1971. The Oklahoma Military Academy had more than 2,500 alumni that served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War; 109 former cadets were killed or mortally wounded while serving our country. Surveys also indicated a high level of interest  in a military history degree in our region, so after much work, our degree in military history was created approximately three years ago.
The following is a quote from a flyer developed about the degree:

“The required core courses provide an understanding of military history and vital topics such as the changing technology of war, the relationship between war and society, and the role that religion and cultural conflict play in war and international conflicts. Courses in research methods equip students to discover, analyze and apply ideas and information. Elective classes provide in-depth study of international relations, military conflicts, and U. S. foreign policy. The program is designed to provide students with the training necessary to embark on a career in the academic field of military history, the professional armed forces, law, public administration, journalism, education, security, intelligence, or government.”

Some of the specific courses that are offered as part of the degree program are Introduction to Military History; War and Society; War, Ethics, and Religion; War and Technology; Readings in Military Leadership/Strategy; Revolutionary America, 1763-1783; The Civil War; World War II: The European Theater; World War II: The Pacific Theater; The Vietnam Conflict as well as others. Although some of the courses are offered online, this is primarily a residential program at this time.

For further information, to download the degree plan, and to read testimonials about the degree from prominent scholars, check out the webpage for the Department of History and Political Science. Perhaps I’ll see you in one of my courses some day!

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