Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Trans-Mississippi Theater Virtual Museum

The Trans-Mississippi Theater Virtual Museum is a new website that you should check out. It is a joint venture of the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield Foundation, the National Park Service, and the Springfield-Greene County Library District. Featuring document collections (that are also on the Community and Conflict website), photographs of Trans-Mississippians, and artifacts this is a nicely done and valuable website. There is also much information about various campaigns as well as ethnic groups that were important in the region. Take some time and learn more about the war in the most fascinating of theaters.


  1. This is an excellent site full of useful information for anyone interested in the Trans-Miss.
    Another good one is the Ozarks Civil War site at

  2. Yes, indeed, you are referring to the Community and Conflict website which is exceptional. I'm so pleased to see the development of some excellent websites devoted to the trans-Mississippi.