Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blogs About The Trans-Mississippi

Occasionally I have mentioned other blogs in my postings, but I thought it was about time that I highlight blogs relating to the trans-Mississippi in one posting. Other than my own, there are three active blogs that I am aware of that either deal with soldiers from the trans-Mississippi or relate to events in the trans-Mississippi during the Civil War. They are:

Arkansas in the Civil War—Dale Cox started this blog in January 2008. Photography is an important element on his blog, and the postings tend to be done as part of a series. There is much useful information on this blog.

Louisiana in the Civil War—Stuart Salling started blogging in January 2010 and has written almost 200 postings. Lots of primary accounts (mostly relating to military service and events) are featured on his interesting blog.

Line Bred Rebel—The newest blog in the group, Jim Morris began posting in January 2011. His blog focuses on the Courtois Hills region of Missouri; so far, the emphasis has been on primary accounts relating to the war in that region. Welcome to the world of blogging, Jim!

There is one trans-Mississippi related blog that appears to be inactive. It is

Jayhawkers and Red Legs—Matt M. Matthews began posting in August 2009, but there have been no postings since December 2010. Hopefully, Matt will begin posting again!

If you know of any blogs whose primary focus is the trans-Mississippi, then please let me know as I like to follow them.


  1. Jane,

    I'd also like to mention Drew Wagenhoffer's blog Civil War Books and Authors. (http://cwba.blogspot.com)

    While Drew doesn't focus exclusively on the Trans-Mississippi, it's his favorite area to study and he has reviewed a lot of relatively obscure books on the topic.

  2. Drew does a great job with his blog, and I appreciate his frequent reviews of books relating to the trans-Mississippi. I particularly enjoyed reading his recent interview with the author of "Dakota Dawn." The sole reason for excluding his blog from the list is that he does not write exclusively (or nearly so) about books relating to the trans-Mississippi.

    Thanks for writing!

  3. Not sure if this counts, but my blog http://civilwarhorror.blogspot.com/ focuses on my upcoming novel, A Fine Likeness, which is set in Missouri during Price's 1864 invasion. I also talk about Missouri history in general and my work with Osprey Publishing, such as my upcoming book on Shelby's 1863 raid.

  4. Hi Sean,
    Thanks for letting me know about your blog! I will add your blog to my blogroll. You may already be aware of this, but Steve Yates, the author of Morkan's Quarry (a novel set in the Springfield, Missouri, area) has a blog titled Fiction and History. He has not posted in a couple of months, but he has some interesting comments about the war west of the Mississippi as well as the writing process. Thanks for writing, and congratulations on your upcoming book.

  5. Thanks for the tip. Keep on blogging!