Monday, December 20, 2010

What's Your Favorite Used Bookstore?

You probably have guessed by now, but I love visiting used bookstores! My first stop at a used bookstore is the Civil War section of course. Next I browse the history category in general and then it’s off to fluffy stuff like murder mysteries. Here are my favorite three used bookstores:

Recycled BooksDenton, Texas. I prowled this bookstore for countless hours while I attended graduate school at the University of North Texas. Their website claims that they have 17,000 square feet devoted to books, music CDs, etc. The history area is a strong one with always a large selection of Civil War books that are attractively priced.

Dickson Street BooksFayetteville, Arkansas. This is a much smaller bookstore (8,000 square feet) than Recycled Books, but the Civil War section is always well stocked with often some unusual titles. Books seem to be priced a bit higher than at Recycled Books.

Gardner’s Used Books & Music, Inc.Tulsa, Oklahoma. Bills itself as “Oklahoma’s largest used bookstore,” and at 23,000 square feet who is to argue with that claim? There are always a lot of Civil War books, but they seem to lean mostly toward easier to find/more common titles. Still, I have found some good titles on occasion. The pricing seems higher than either of the other two stores, but if you trade in books you can get some good deals.

Since I enjoy visiting used bookstores so much, I’d like to know your recommendations for the best places to find used Civil War books west of the Mississippi River—write in and let me know!


  1. Curses upon thee! Dickson street Books was my secret!(Just kidding. Do love the place though)

  2. Feldman's Books, in Menlo Park, CA

    Green Apple Books, in San Francisco

    Know Knew Books, in Palo Alto, CA

  3. Jane,

    So glad to see you salute Dickson Street Books in Fayetteville, an adventure and reward on every visit. While not all these are entirely used stores, many of these Mississippi stores have used sections. Let me suggest you and followers browse the web lens I keep at

  4. I think someone should organize a tour of used bookstores that have lots of Civil War books! Thanks for your suggestions--love the name of Know Knew Books.

  5. Dickson Street is a good one but you have to be careful now. Back in the early 90's everything was a bargain in there. Much of his Civil War stock is overpriced now and unless it's just an extraordinarily rare or must have book I don't buy much in there anymore...I used to go in there at least once a week and now I can usually find it cheaper online.

  6. Ever visited Abraham Lincoln Book Shop in Chicago?

    watch the live webcasts of Civil War book signings at

    George Rable featured on January 15.

  7. I was in Chicago several years ago and visited the Abraham Lincoln Book Shop. It was outstanding, and I'm hoping to visit it again someday!! On occasion, I have purchased autographed books from them--wonderful place. Thanks for your comment.